Sunday, August 10, 2008

2008 Presbyterian Hospital Invitational Criterium

This was a smokin-fast Pro, Cat. 1 invite only NRC race... Signed up with Chris Knetsche, Chris Montelone & Justin Beard since my Cat. 1 team mates are traveling or injured right now (we'll nail it together next year!). I was the only to finish our of my four-man composite team. Very fast through turns. Out of corners along stretches had to hold wheel very tight and sprint full-gas many times! The race was 50 miles, took 1:45 and my Normalized Power was 385 watts. Only had 2 water bottles and need 3 next year... Crash with 1.5 to go almost took me down but just chain came off. Managed to get 43rd out of 134 starters. I was pretty happy with this and realize I can do better in these if I 1) do some motor-pacing, 2) do more NRC crits and 3) work on my sprint! Will do all of this for 2009!

Coach Jim