Saturday, November 24, 2007

Winter Riding

Wow, winter has hit us... Actually it's still fall but my ride with the crew at Carolina Triathlon-Woodruff Rd. began at a brisk 29 degrees even though it was sunny.... The lobster gloves sure came in handy... On days like these it is wise to ride moderately versus nice and easy in order to create heat to keep warm. Further, on a two hour ride such as this you'll get more bang for the buck by riding at a Tempo pace (a.k.a. Zone 3-4, RPE of 5-7 on 1-10 scale)... Be sure to hydrate too! It's easy to eat in such cold weather and hard(er) to drink. Aim for one 20 oz. bottle per hour regardless of how cold it is!

Happy cycling!

Coach Jim

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