Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tardy, tardy!

Hey, y'all... It has been a while since I've posted anything on my own darn blog. I apologize to those of you reading it... The last month or so has been very cool with lots of exciting coaching and cycling things going on. Here's a laundry list of them; send me a message at jim@JimCunninghamCoaching.com if you want to comment or discuss any of them:

1) Client and dad, Jim Cunningham SR. finally invests in an SRM power meter. He loves it! About time!

2) Team CTM (that stands for Carolina Triathlon-Metro Reprographics and you see why it's just 'CTM' now!) raced this past weekend and chalked up a 5th--Jim Taylor in the Pro-1-2 Donaldson Spring Series #1 race, and 2nd & 3rd--Sean Weddell & Rodney Dender in the Master's 35+ BMW Performance Center Series #2 race.

3) Kelly Patton (my wife), Chris Miller (client and work-horse extraordinaire), Jim SR. and I did the 'Myrtle Beach Marathon 100K' timed ride. Kelly finished 5th of all the women, Jim SR. & Chris were in the top 20 and in the sprint... Somehow I snuck off the front 20 minutes into the thing and stayed away for the next 2:26 stealing the fastest time on the day (295 watts Normalized Power--ouch!!!)

4) Jim Cunningham Coaching has added an additional coach in Sean Weddell! You can reach Sean at swimuk@yahoo.com. Sean is an accomplished swim coach at the collegiate level, Cat. 1 road racer with lots of power and tactical sense. After coaching a few cyclists for the past 1.5 years, Sean has secured his USACycling Club Level license and looks to make coaching his full-time gig once again as a cycling coach.

5) My team's website http://www.teamctm.com/ is really starting to rock! Check out the pod casts; they are well presented (kudos to Josh!) and you will learn much about cycling! Believe me, I did!

I'm sure I could list four or five more things but must stop here...

Happy training & racing!

Coach Jim


MikeV said...

Hey Jim, say hi to everyone down there for me. Did you get our "save the date" card?
Mike V.

Cookie Monster (me), Better Half (my wife), Caylin (our girl) said...

Hey Jim are you doing Rock Hill? Hope you have been doing good. I wish I could be down there this year but will try to go to some other races. Maybe I will see you then.
Jeremy Grimm