Friday, May 30, 2008

BMW Performace Center Thursday 29 June Circuit Race

Team POA has done a really nice job with their Thursday night series at the BMW Performance Training Center in Greer, SC. Last night was the second event of the series. My team mates and I (Team Carolina Triathlon-Metro Reprographics) did both the Master's 35+ and Pro-Am race.

We took 1st & 2nd in the Master's race and 4th & 5th in the Pro-Am race.

If you haven't given these a try I highly suggest you do. The courses are safe with no cars and really wide lanes. Blair LaMarche, event coordinator from Team POA, does a great job giving out lots of primes too! I think he had over 20 last night! Plus the entry fee of $15 ($10 for a second race) is quite reasonable. These are USCF races and one can earn some upgrade points too!

Coach Jim

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