Monday, July 7, 2008

Master's Nationals Churchill Downs Crit, Age 35-39

A very exciting race for team mate Sean Weddell and me. Sean got in an early break in this 30 miles, 62 lap four-corner crit. I sat at the front and just covered a few moves. Eventually the pack brought the break back and I managed to go with the counter. And it was the right choice! We rode hard as a group of nine and lapped the field. Three other guys came across shortly after we lapped.

Then it was get to the front and sprint for a podium spot with about 20 laps to go (five podium spots with medals). I managed to stay at the front and followed a few hard attacks but nothing stuck. I knew I had to come out of the last corner in the top two or three riders and gas it... The pace picked up in the last three laps and I hung in the top five rather well. Sean held things together nicely. In the last lap, I clipped my pedal in the second turn but recovered quickly and out of the last turn sprinted as hard as I could towards the line.

In the end, I finished sixth, one off the podium... Sean and I gave it our best and we look forward to next year!

Coach Jim

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