Thursday, June 18, 2009


Wilkesville to Wilkesville, 65 miles. Tough racing Wednesday with a 1.5 mile climb in the last 12 miles. The team managed to put a guy in every move without exception! Sean got in an early move that stayed out for about 1/2 of the race. He was with only one other guy...

Plenty of moves and most came back but for one about half way through the race which Craig and Noah infiltrated. The break grew to six racers and was up one minute or so much of the race.

Jittery Joe's put a train of four on the front of the pack about 3 miles before the 1.5 mile climb to stave off any attacks. Yours truly managed to sneak into their train at third wheel. The climb started fast & furious with the wispy climbers drillin' it rather hard... Globalbike managed to put team mate Tyler in a group of four that open about a 100 meter gap at the front of the climb... Unfortunately Tyler detached just before the climb ended. Sean pushed it hard to the top bringing it all together but for the three off and Tyler still ahead chasing the three he was with.

I managed to roll of the front right after the KOM banner and got a solid 150 meter gap. Sean Adams, Team Lake Effect, joined me and we reeled Tyler in but did not catch the break. We, like the lead group, stayed away and Globalbike finished with four guys in the top ten, the climbers jersey and the sprinters jersey. We unfortunately lost yellow but will fight to get it back! Today's finish had Craig 4th, Noah 6th, Tyler 9th and me 10th. More soon!

Coach Jim

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