Friday, June 19, 2009


Nelsonville stage. This was about 70 miles and hilly again. Got away with Tommy and 4-5 others for about 25 miles including the KOM! Tommy 3rd over it and me 4th. Felt good! We got caught and then worked it to the end. Did plenty of work to the end. Couple tough climbs but nothing too bad. Glad KOM was with only 6 of us... 4 ultimately got away and David was one of them. Finished in downtown Nelsonville with 5 loops of a .5 mile course. Bad bricks on the one side. I managed to get in at second wheel behind a Jittery Joe's guy. Sprinted best I could at end and got 12th. David got second and Tyler and Noah just ahead of me. Great day! We have the green, polka-dot, and collegiate jersey!

Coach Jim

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