Saturday, June 20, 2009


Worthington Crit, 40 miles. Awesome crit in a residential neighborhood with much cheering from the folks along the route. The course is more of a circuit/crit as many of the turns are rather wide (wide enough to pedal through) and the course itself is 1.2 miles.

A rather tame race in the first several laps. Things heated up on the first intermediary sprint when Jittery Joe's and us (Globalbike) went hard for the points. David got second. Not long after, I attacked and got a nice gap. Three guys came up to me and we worked hard to get a gap. The time-split grew and grew with a group of six bridging along the way. Ten strong, we lapped the field with Jittery Joe's doing much of the work trying to get yellow back. Sean and I were the only Globalbike racers in the break so we let them work and just sat for about 15 miles.

With about four to go we lapped the field and Craig and Josh immediately got to the front and pushed the pace. We sprinted hard up the last stair-step climb (this came every 1.2 mile lap) and Sean and I finished in the top six or seven. Overall, I moved into 3rd putting as our break was 2 minutes up on the field today and Craig retained the polka-dot jersey. More tomorrow!

Coach Jim

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