Friday, December 14, 2007

Chris Miller, Michelin and a Haiku or Two

In the short time I've had this blog, the greatest challenge has been to write something unique or unexpected yet still cycling related. Well here it is! Jim Cunningham Coaching client Chris Miller works as an engineer at Michelin and had a work party today including a POETRY CONTEST! Chris decided to write several haiku's and shared them with me.... The topic? Cycling, what else! I thought them pretty cool actually.... Here are a few:

Still late winter night
Road vibrations reach cold hands;
Truly Silent Night

Downhill scorching flight
Winds rush past deafeningly-
County line sprint won

Many leaves scattered
Climbing cool deserted road-
Breathing labored now

Muggy wind blowing
Horses by rough roadside fence-
Make believe Roubaix

Coach Jim

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