Sunday, December 9, 2007


Last week's weather was awesome and this week was even warmer! Up to about 72 degrees... Much sun too! UWBL #2 took us on much the same route heading south with some additional miles... Total for the day was 78...
Mr. Steve Sperry (UWBL Captain, Chief and CEO Extraordinaire) extended today beyond plan due to the fabulous weather. Who's ready for a rainy and cold UWBL? I'll do it but definitely prefer the sun and warmth! The pack was much smaller compared to last week's 180 riders and Scott Ogle took a 'less fast' group on a 60+ mile jaunt. Thanks Scott! The day was much more manageable... Already looking forward to UWBL #3 on Saturday, December 15th. Same time and place... Come ride!

Coach Jim

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Scott said...

Saturday was great. The "B" group had 26 riders. We had a great time. Had one mechanical but got it resolved in 10 minutes and lost one rider. Next week will do the same route, but add an optional loop at Donaldson center. We are planning on continuing "B" ride for the rest of the series.